Shiffa Natural Herbal Pillow (Online Exclusive)

Shiffa Natural Herbal Pillow (Online Exclusive)

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Moist/Dry HOT or Cold Pack

Local applications of heat are to help relieve pain and muscle spasm and may improve blood circulation to the applied area.   Shiffa’s natural herbal pillow may be beneficial with such condition as tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, muscle and join soreness, neck and back pain.

The Natural Herbal Pillow was designed for both moist and dry heat use.  Using moist heat may allow deeper penetration of heat and may increase muscle elasticity.

The Natural Pac can also be used as a cold pack to help reduce the pain and swelling. 


·         Therapeutic and Aromatic

·         May relieve muscle, back and hip pain

·         May reduce muscle spasm

·         May increase circulation and muscle elasticity

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