About Shiffa - Meet Dr. Lamees

Dr Lamees Hamdan – the Woman behind the Brand

Behind the brand which has become internationally recognised for its healing philosophy is Dr. Lamees Hamdan, a passionate woman who has been creating organic products based on the principles of dermatology since 2004. After training as a doctor at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr.Lamees developed what would become Shiffa’s first product, the unique pregnancy body oil. Being pregnant at the time, Dr. Lamees was able to test the oil on herself and develop it so that it could really nourish pregnant women’s fragile & sensitive skin by providing it with the maximum hydration and conditioning to firm, tone and restore the skin and body. After the success of this first product, Dr. Lamees set out to create her first range of skincare products. By combining her background and knowledge in dermatology. Her passion for holistic healing and her vision for integrating nature with science, Dr. Lamees created a range which would soon define the values of Shiffa. The release of this highly acclaimed skincare line was then launched, it was then that Shiffa was born.

As a company, Shiffa started in Dr. Lamees’s own home where she blended and customized oils formulated products and even packaged the products herself.  “We were small,” she says. “There were just two or three of us in the office.” In the beginning it was difficult for Dr. Lamees to establish her own business in a predominantly male environment. Her persistence and hard work paid off however when her achievements as a business women in the Gulf were recognized by the Sheikh Mohammed Establishment and she was awarded the Best Business Leader and Best Health and Well Care organization in 2005.

With this achievement, Dr Lamees was able to secure a loan from the Sheikh Mohammed Establishment for Young Business Leaders. It was then that Shiffa was formally established and began making headlines.

Quote by Dr. Lamees

Our bodies are extremely effective at dealing with pollutants,but in thus day and age, where we have pollution in the air we breathe,additives and chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, etc... we are exhausting our bodies own defence mechanisms.That is why i believe at least the products we use on our face and body should not add to this chemical onslaught.