Pregnancy Body Oil



The organic blend of herbs & nourishing oils to help prevent stretch marks, soothing the skin & soul. This comforting body oil infused with a blend of floral, citrus and herb extracts, nourishes, softens and targets many skin concerns during pregnancy. Its sweet aroma awakens the spirits, clears the mind yet relaxes the body.

This product is also available in SEPHORA stores across United Arab Emirates.


Prevents dryness and reduces itchiness of the skin by deeply moisturizing.

Prevents the appearance of stretch marks Tones, firms and keeps skin supple.

Calms and relaxes the mind for a more comfortable nights sleep.

Reduces inflammation.

Particularly good for people who are on a slimming program as it firms, tones and restores the skin.

SKIN TYPES: All Skin Types

SIZE: 3.38 FL. OZ - 100ML 

Toning Mandarin & Olive Fruit; Rgenerative Rosehip & Evening Primrose; Calming Chamomille; Conditioning Avocado Oil & Borage Oil ; Moisturizing Apricot Kernel & Jojoba ; Fiming Rosehip & Rose; Vitamin Rich Carrot Seed Oil & Macademia

BORAGE SEED OIL is extremely high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and is widely used for its ability to calm and reduce inflammation, alleviating pain, swelling and stiffness in joints. Borage seed oil has many skin disorder benefits such as relieving psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and prematurely mature skins. MANDARIN ORANGE is one of the safest essential oils and particularly used during pregnancy to help reduce stretch marks, uplift and brighten the mood. Mandarin is soothing and promotes restful sleep. CARROT SEED OIL is very effective in healing skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rashes due to its excellent blood cleansing properties. This oil also has outstanding results for skin cell regeneration so is perfectly suited for aged, mature and wrinkled skins.

Use as often as needed during pregnancy, at least once per day. Apply to the whole body paying special attention to the stomach, bust and hips. Also recommended for use during slimming and dieting to firm and tone. Massage onto the body every night on targeted areas after a bath or shower.

SHIFFA Healing Balm. All Skin Types (skin prone to stretching while weight gain and pregnancy)

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