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Face Care

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Purifying and decongesting gentle cleansing milk All skin types  The foundation of any go..


Helps brighten excess pigmentation Brightening formula targeted at pigmentation, freckles and u..


An exquisite rose toner to refine, refresh and plump skin all skin types Shiffa Floral Fa..


Helps firm and tighten With the consistency of dewdrops, this ampoule is easily absorbed into ..


A delicate repairing and decongesting cream for eyes.   Firms and plumps skin, brightens..


Facial toner to refine, purify and calm excess oiliness Combination/oily skin types Shiffa..


Restorative moisturising cream   Normal/dry skin   This powerful moisturising ..


Protective balancing moisturiser   Combination/oily skin   This delicate ligh..


Quote by Dr. Lamees

Our bodies are extremely effective at dealing with pollutants,but in thus day and age, where we have pollution in the air we breathe,additives and chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, etc... we are exhausting our bodies own defence mechanisms.That is why i believe at least the products we use on our face and body should not add to this chemical onslaught.