Ruby Body Oil 100 ml

Ruby Body Oil 100 ml

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This nourishing body oil is perfect for dry, mature and stressed skins. It calms and relaxes the mind while gently stimulating the body.

Healing Essence:

Rubies are a symbol of positivity; they stimulate and balance the heart chakra. This stone encourages a passion for life and motivation. Rubies have a detoxifying effect on the blood and lymphatic system and stimulate the reproductive system. In myth and gem therapy, rubies are said to represent passion, happiness, tranquillity, clear negative thoughts and assist in good health.

Hero Active:

Rose–Anti-ages, heals, nourishes and firms

Rosehip–Rich in fatty acids to promote healthy, youthful skin

Geranium –Regulates hormonal moods and detoxifies the lymphatic system

Sandalwood –Balances and rejuvenates all skin types, heals, calms and eases headaches.


Benefits and Results:

  • ·         Heals, soothes and softens skin
  • ·         Relaxes the mind and stimulates circulation
  • ·         Tones and firms skin
  • ·         Gently detoxifies
  • ·         Balances hormonal stress


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