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3 Step anti cellulite kit

I Have had several anti cellulite treatments with all those fancy equipment that is advertised in beauty salons, which in fact increased and worsened my cellulite and skin.
I then visited the Shiffa express spa at Sephora Dubai mall, where I was given my own personal therapist to demonstrate the Shiffa anti cellulite 3 step kit. This magical 3 step kit is just amazing. I then used this at home for a non stop 3 week period , the results- - I lost 70% of the cellulite of my body.
I am so happy with the results, firstly the treatment was completely without any machinery secondly it was such a natural process using great products made from 100% natural ingredients, that actually smell so wholesome and good for you.
People around me, like my husband and friends really noticed the results. This to me was another confidence booster. Recommend this to all women!
Hannan - Jordan

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